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About School Photography

Why Bethany J. Photography for Your School Photography?

  • I give 10% of the net profit to the school as a fundraiser.

  • As a small business owner, I personally oversee everything from the photoshoot to the printing and processing. 

  • I am flexible with photoshoot spaces and product solutions to fit your unique needs.

  • With a small business, each client is valuable, so I go the extra mile to ensure they are happy with their photos. I am always available via email.

  • I am insured for liability.

  • My team and will wipe down equipment for each class to ensure safety and wear masks for the whole session. 

  • Prints are delivered to school ready to take home.

  • As a local business, I offer reasonable prices with exceptional quality

  • I can work with very small to large groups of 200 students.

  • Staff photos are free with your school sessions.


Q & A

How do I know if my school is a good fit?

If you meet the following standards you are a good candidate for the school photo session.


  • 200 students or less

  • Email communication with parents

  • 12 foot by 12-foot space

  • Access to at least 2 outlets

  • 6-8 weeks from your desired session dates

  • 3-hour block of time during which students can participate

  • The ability to limit foot traffic during the photo session

  • 5 days during which the photo sessions can happen

How can I schedule my school for photo sessions?


To schedule your session the first step is to complete an interest form here or email Once the date is confirmed you will receive a photo day agreement and a set of instructions on what I will need from you and how to communicate with parents.

Included in the instructions are information such as:

  1. Photo Week countdown checklist.

  2. Review the custom website and process parents go through to ensure accuracy.

  3. When to send a roster with kids' names and classes.

  4. Verify the photo space by sending an image.

  5. Assign teachers or assistants to bring children to and from rooms.

  6. Prepare the photo day room or space. ( should have minimal to no traffic at the time of shooting) 

  7. Ensure there is access to at least 2 outlets.

  8. 3-hour block during which to work.

  9. Room to store equipment overnight if necessary.


How does photo day work?


Here is how photo day works for parents and for you!

  1. Based on the student population dates are set for photo sessions including extra days for make-ups and staff photos. 

  2. Parents register for photo day on a custom 1-page website. All participants must register online and pay a $15 non-refundable sitting fee. This fee credits one 8x10 from the session. Parents will be able to order more from the gallery after photo day. A paper form will be available for parents who do not have internet access. 

  3. I send a schedule to the school based on who has registered. The school communicates to parents when they should send their kids dressed for photo day. Siblings will take pictures together on the day of the 1st child's session.

  4. Options include a seasonal and solid color backdrop. Each child will take 4 poses. Siblings will take 2 poses.

  5. Parents must register for each child. All siblings will take 2 pictures together. Parents can indicate that their child has a sibling on the order form but must still fill out a separate form for each child.

  6. While there is not a sibling discount initially, parents will receive 10% off for orders with siblings via a code. 

  7. Parents will be notified the night of if it is recommended that a child come back for a no smile session.

  8. After photo day parents will receive a link and a pin to a private gallery. They can download a limited number of web-resolution photos from their child's class gallery for free. They can purchase prints and gifts by shopping in the gallery. Once payment is made the items will be shipped in class orders to the school for delivery. Parents will be notified that there is a deadline to place orders ( typically two weeks after gallery delivery.)

  9. Staff photos are delivered via a private gallery to the director of the school for download. The tracking number for photo packages will be sent to the director as well.

  10. Additional prints for missing items or additional orders are ordered and delivered to the school. After a determined date products will only be shipped to home addresses and a shipping fee will apply.

  11. Prints will be delivered directly to parents or caregivers if possible.

  12. Donation check is delivered to the school.


What support will my school need to provide during and after the photo sessions?

During and after the photo session your support will be key in helping everything run smoothly below is a shortlist of some of the support I ask for from you.

  1. Communicate with Bethany J. Photography to learn the ideal session schedule based on registrations.

  2. Communicate with parents via email the dates for sessions, where to register, and how to pay.

  3. Communicate post photo week how photo print pick-up will work for your students. 

  4. Emphasize to parents No week of sign-ups. All participants must sign up in advance.

  5. During the week of the sessions communicate daily about absent students.

  6. Assign a helper to bring children to and from the session.

  7. Deliver prints directly to parents or caregivers if possible

  8. Notify staff of when photo day is.


What is your response to COVID-19? How do you maintain safety?

Safety is my priority for your school sessions. Here is how I maintain safety during sessions. 

  1. Verify the school has COVID-19 safety measures in place such as temperature checks, masks, hand sanitizer, and keeping children in small groups that don't interact. They should also keep a temperature log.

  2. Photoshoots are done 6 feet from the child and kids are brought in by small groups.

  3. I wear masks and disinfect any items between classes with a safe disinfectant. Children don't hold any items. Hand sanitizer is available.

  4. At this time I will not be taking large class photos unless there is ample room.

  5. School assistants will help with little ones for pictures to reduce any contact.

  6. County guidelines will be examined to determine if the session needs to be rescheduled.

  7. Photos can be conducted outdoors if necessary to allow better air circulation.

  8. Prints are delivered in individual envelopes.

  9. All payment is completed online.

For more on maintaining safety visit



How do you maintain privacy?

Curious about the privacy of your children's photos? More answers below.

  1. The registration website is only available to those at the school. There is no public access to the page.

  2. Parents can opt in to have their child's likeness included in my portfolio.

  3. Parents are notified that images are delivered via a school/ class gallery and can opt-out by contacting me.

  4. The gallery is limited to only parents who participate. The gallery is set to a limited number of downloads which require a pin.

  5. I can monitor who downloads what to ensure only the proper email is downloading the correct pictures.

  6. Images included in the portfolio cannot be downloaded publically and are not listed by the child's name.

  7. Photoshoots are done 6 feet from the child and kids are brought in by small groups.

  8. Any information collected on this website will never be sold or shared with any other company.


Payment, Ordering, Shipping and More.

Answers regarding payment, registration, shipping, and more.

  1. Why must I pay a sitting fee before the session? As a small business, we use the information of participants to produce a smoother photo day process. Your registration and fee help us determine what resources we will need for your school. Remember your fee also credits you one 8x10.

  2. How do I pay? You can pay your registration fee via the form, it is built into the registration.

  3. Which image can I choose for my 8x10? You can use the favorite button in the gallery to select which image you would like for your 8x10. If you do not choose one will be chosen for you.

  4. How many pictures do I get and what can I download? You can download all of your images in web res for free. Each child will take 4 photos. 3 seasonal and 1 solid color backdrop. Siblings will take 2 seasonal photographs.

  5. What if my child didn't smile? We will bring "no smile" kiddos in for an additional session later the same week. 

  6. What if I want more photos? You can purchase as many images as you want via the online gallery.

  7. I want the digital print resolution image. Why is this not in the store? School photography as a business works through print orders. We encourage print purchases primarily. We will sell the digital print res file for a fee via a custom invoice. You will need to email me to do so.

  8. I would like a refund. We do not give refunds for the sitting fee. If you have an issue with your child's photograph please directly reach out to me and we will find a solution.

  9. How long will it be until I can see my child's photos and have the prints? 7 days after photo week you will be able to view and download your child's photographs. The gallery will remain open for 2 weeks for orders and then it will be closed. At this point, you will need to directly contact me to place any orders.



What Products Will Be Available?

Here is a list of the awesome products that are available!

  1. Prints from 8 wallet size to 11in x 14in  

  2. Magnets and Keychains

  3. Framed and Mounted Prints

  4. Seasonal gifts such as cards or ornaments and blankets

Interested in a custom order? Visit my portrait photography page here.

Background Options

Royal Blue and Navy Blue

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Gold Bokeh

Custom Backdrops

NOTE: Seasonal backdrops change each season.