Physical Book and Online interpretation by Bethany Hicks - Dec 2016

Fairy Knots

/'feree natz/plural noun;

1. Strands of hair that knot within themselves and often add other adjoining hairs into the mix creating even bigger knots. These tiny knots (so tiny that "fairies" must have made them) are annoying and quite common for curlies and naturals.

book about black girl and natural hair

"My hair Is the only thing that I find Beautiful about myself..."


Fairy Knots is a photo book created by Bethany Hicks. It invites the viewer to deeper investigate how your self esteem can evolve around one particular feature of your body, for her it is her coily afro-textured hair. Through studying this one feature she finds a larger self identity takes place. 

"Fairy Knots" is Bethany's first book. It was created December 2016.