Why I Do What I DO

Now more than ever small businesses need your help. To help encourage everyone to #buysmall I wanted to share how and why I started Bethany J. Photography.

When I was 14 a counselor at a camp showed me their DSLR. I was absolutely captured ( no pun intended.) After taking every class possible on photography in high school I studied the topic at the Delaware College of Art and Design and graduated with a bachelors from the Maryland Institute College of Art.

My first job was Christmas photos of a family. I had a little camera and ZERO lighting. Over the years I got handy and used the education I got from school to make my business better. I offered free photos and used those to get new jobs. I have now photographed everything from dogs, families, weddings, and corporate events! I am so excited for where it takes me next!

My dream is to combine my love for nature, photography and family to support a healthy lifestyle by promoting being active outdoors and spending time with family away from the screens and busy schedules. My hope is that not only can I help other families but also help change my life to be healthy for my future family. I dream of a home studio on a farm maybe, lol. I am taking it all day by day and hopefully it will happen.

Share your small business story by video and tag @bethanyjphotography. Let's support our local small businesses through this crisis by purchasing gift cards and sharing about their business!

Keep Smiling,

Bethany J. Photography

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