Class photo printed on archival quality luster paper.

Class Photo Print

  • Notes / TermsLicensing Agreement: Flexible License Pack The Parties: Licensor: Bethany Steele also known as the owner / operator of Bethany J. Photography and is sometimes referred to as Bethany J. or Bethany J. Photography and Licensee: as mentioned above Media Permissions: Licensee may use images in all sizes released to them from Bethany J. Photography. Images may be released to all platforms such as but not limited to Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube. Images may be added upon with graphic design or text as is seen fit by the Licensee. Images may be duplicated for non-commercial purposes only. Images may be distributed as part of a brochure, model headshot, or for which purpose was discussed at the time of this estimate between Licensee and Licensor. Constraints: Licensee may not use the images to defame character. Images may not be sold as products themselves or as a part of a product (example: An image on a t-shirt or mug). Whenever possible Licensee will restrain from removing or cropping out the Bethany J. Photography watermark. Images may not be sold to a third party such as but not limited to a news media outlet or modeling agency. These constraints are effective until a new license is written. Images may not be used in any illegal way as following the United States and Maryland Law including but not limited to cyber bullying and privacy rights. Licensee may not claim the credit for the images. Requirements: When sharing or distributing images attribute credit to Bethany J. Photography whenever possible. Conditions: Images remain the property of Bethany Steele also known as Bethany J. or Bethany J. Photography or B.H. Steele Printing. She reserves full rights to the images and their use for promotion of her business as she sees fit. She reserves the right to use your likeness and by accepting the photo’s from above session you release rights of all minors included. You agree to indemnify and defend Bethany Steele and Bethany J. Photography for all injuries associated with a photo session. Failure to comply to this License may result in legal action. All other rights included but not limited to self-promotion usage, reserved.

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